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To truly engage and reach the audiences of our clients, we present their compelling stories with exceptional video, copywriting, design, custom publications, social and media solutions, branding and photography.

‘Enterprising people’ are at the heart of the stories that we present from around the country.

Each person on our team is a storyteller in their own right, drawing from their individual book of wisdom and know-how to expertly convey our clients’ message.

We’re led by our Co-Directors Matt Cowan and Jamie Andrei, who manage each project with personal involvement and passion.



Baileys Fertilisers

Video • Photography • Transcription • Copy Editing Spanning Four Generations of the Bailey family for over 90 years, Baileys Fertilisers believe that quality is the key to success. Their commitment does not stop with the premium garden and lawn products they...

Veem Ltd

Video • Photography • Transcription • Copy EditingFrom modest beginnings as a small engineering services company specializing in the repair and dynamic balancing of drive shafts, engines and other rotating equipment, Veem Ltd is a proud family business with a strong...

Hiddlestone Electrics

Video • Photography • Transcription • Copy Editing • Social • NewsletterHiddlestone Electrics are an iconic family business in Subiaco (WA), and one of the longest established electricians in the state.  Managing Director Natalie Hiddlestone is well aware of the...

The World’s Best Treehouse

Fancy staying amongst 600 acres of private wilderness in a treehouse in the Blue Mountains (Bilpin, NSW, Australia)? This secluded accommodation offers just that for a back-to-nature experience in style,nestled between 2x National Parks & verged by …

Terri Janke & Company Pty Ltd

Terri Janke: “Struggle sounds like a negative word.  But struggle is where life is.  Without it you would be dead.”
I spent my childhood years living in an old orange weatherboard house in Cairns, with a bedroom that faced the corner of the yard…

Edway Training

Sergei Sergienko: “A bad soldier is one that does not strive to become a general.”
We were one of the wealthiest families in the Russian city where I grew up. But we had to leave due to my father’s connection to the criminal underworld. He eventually disagreed…


Ronni Kahn: “What can it feel like to know that you’ve done something that impacts millions of people?”
I was an event producer. I love food, but at every one of my events I had a lot of leftovers. Occasionally I would take it to a charity late at…

Richard Maegraith

Richard Maegraith: “My jazz education taught me not only the art of improvisation in music, but also in life.”
What first drew me to jazz was the fact that when I was aged 8 or 9, I was listening to a jazz record my Dad was playing and he turned to…

China Direct Sourcing

Lindy Chen: “The place where you fall should be the place where you stand up.”
I’m a romantic. I read love stories.
Most of all, I believe in love.
When I was very young I always dreamt of the most amazing love story. I thought my dream…

The Natural Medical Concierge

Kimberly Vucurovic: “I learnt to take control of life at the very point it seemed the most out of control.”
My youngest son Timothy was born a healthy 3.4kg. I had difficulty breastfeeding and turned to bottle-feeding within a few weeks. Within a month…

Pocket Group

Karl Schlothauer: “It’s where you feel comfortable personally.”
I’m originally from North Queensland, where everyone says hello. Being the oldest of four children, I would take charge to invite huge crowds over to our place for Christmas and birthdays each year…

Ian Parkin

Ian Parkin: “Living should work for us.”
School was a prison sentence for me. It seriously gave me nightmares. I had a great childhood, great upbringing and a large, happy family. I just didn’t like being in school. So I became an escape artist. My folks would send…

Love Mercy Foundation

Eloise Wellings: “I couldn’t forget what I had seen and I couldn’t let it go.”
I didn’t really know anything about Uganda until I had an opportunity to rehab my foot at a training facility in Portland. That’s where I met Julius, a two time Ugandan Olympian. We…

Austen Brothers

David Austen: “Mathematics and shirt-making require similar skills.”
In the 1990s my brother Ian was working in the UK and I would visit him regularly from Sydney, spending most of my holidays there. It was then I was exposed first hand to Jermyn…


Chris Burgess: “When the guidelines don’t fit, look outside the box.”
I started out with Myer in Melbourne as an in-store spruiker. This led me to an early career path with them, which was derailed somewhat when the organization restructured and…

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